New Year's Resolutions

I heard someone say recently that most people who make resolutions for the new year have given up on many of them by the 10th of January. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I don’t make New Year resolutions. I’m more inclined to try to make small changes on a regular basis. Maybe the Continuous Process Improvement philosophy put forth in my Navy training and undergraduate business degree program are responsible for that.

What’s important is, that if you have decided that you want to get a better handle on your financial goal setting and accomplishment, it’s never too late. I can help you decide on goals that will work for you, and a solid plan for reaching them.

XY Planning Network

I’ve recently joined the XY Planning Network, which is a network of Fee-Only Financial Planners who want to serve Generation X and Generation Y clients, people who typically aren’t served well by the traditional investment management industry because they don’t yet have a large amount of money to invest.

This really aligns well with my philosophy. I’ve had folks say that they’d give me a call when they came into some money. That’s not where financial planning should be. I’ve always thought that was rather like making a decision to wait on going to the gym until after one has gotten into shape. It’s working through the process that gets the results you want.

Good financial advice from an experienced CFP® Professional can get you to where you want to be, making good financial decisions along the way. And rather than charging a percent of your assets, can be a reasonable monthly fee, often less than you may be paying for your cable or cell phone bill.