This section of the website is going to be geared toward the Military Community.

It has occurred to me recently that there is a lot of military specific information that I could make available. Since I have personal experience with being a mid-career person, facing the decision of whether to stay in the Navy (I did), and the transition that came with transfer to the Fleet Reserve (20 year retirement), and the switch to working in the civilian sector, that this could be a great place to share some of that experience, and to make resources available for those that would like them.

The first give-away I'm offering is a spending plan template. Yes, I know Fleet & Family Services provides one, as does Army Community Services and Air Force Community Center. The one I use is one page, and lets you enter info for the current and a proposed future scenario. It's great if you're trying to compare your budget from one duty station to the next, or after transitioning to the civilian sector, or from working to retirement.  If you'd like a copy, just email with "Spending Plan" in the subject line.