Being a Personal Financial Counselor to the US Military

I started providing financial counseling to Servicemembers in 2008, and during that time have been pleased to help thousands understand and implement sound financial decisions. Unfortunately, the Department of Defense has re-structured how they procure those services, and how often, and it is no longer worth the effort to keep up with the administrative burden of being with a contractor company part-time when I haven’t had an assignment in a year.

It’s not a good use of my time to spend over 20 hours per year of training on HR, expense reporting, time keeping, privacy and sexual harassment training, if I don’t even spend one weekend afternoon at a Yellow Ribbon event. So today I resigned from my position in the Personal Financial Counselor program.

I’m honored to have been able to assist Soldiers, Marines, and Sailors, in places like Okinawa, Texas, Hawaii, and of course here in Washington. In future, I’ll only be serving in Washington (see below).

On the bright side, I am a provider for those looking for a financial planner under the Military One Source program. Military One Source (MOS) is a program where Servicemembers can call an 800# for just about any issue they face, whether it’s legal, tax or financial related, as well as a host of other areas that might be considered social services (for example, translation), and they will be given providers in their local area, free of charge to the Servicemember.

If a Sailor on Whidbey Island were to call MOS for help with understanding how to buy a house, for example, they’d be given a short list of providers in their area, and I will be on that list. From there, it is up to the Servicemember to decide which provider they choose to work with.